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About IP Cloud

IP Cloud was founded in 2009 spending 8 years in research & development, building high availability infrastructure.

IP Cloud offers a number of telecommunications services powered by industry leading infrastructure, securely located in state-of-the-art Data Centres in Centurion, Isando, Durban, Cape Town, London and New York.

Our cutting edge, seamless technology surpasses, the run on the mill fibre providers in the country. Our reason for this statement is due to the fact that our experience on an international level has ensured that we have availability to the latest products and services available on a continuous basis. We have a team of highly skilled network developers and no job is too big or too small for us to handle. Another advantage of being developers is that we construct tailor-made solutions for each individual customer which adds a personal touch.

IP Cloud boasts the greatest benefit and that is, our fail over platforms. Our real time, fail over switching platform ensures optimal up time and redundancy and speed as we never rely solely on one undersea cable but, rather, multiple sources for fibre connectivity, 5 to be specific. There really is no alternative to IP Cloud. Contact us for your super reliable, fast data connection today and benefit from a world of superior data connectivity.